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Sustainable Feast at Liberty Station

Last Sunday, I got a chance to attend the 2nd Annual Sustainable Feast in San Diego. This fun event  is put on by local restaurants, volunteers,  chefs, sponsors and farms to help support San Diego’s Outdoor Education programs.

Perhaps, like me, you remember attending 6th Grade Camp aka Science Camp? As I remember, it was an incredible time filled with hikes, swimming, bonding with friends and loads of new knowledge. In addition to raising money for 6th Grade Camp, this event helps with the following programs for children: Splash Science Lab, Green Machine, Marine Science Lab by the Board of Education.

Upon arrival, guests were given a restaurant check-off sheet for all the tastings, eleven in total, and a recipe book detailing how to make all the dishes you were about to try in the comfort of your very own home (how awesome!)


    Ready to see the food itself? Below are visuals of what I sampled:                      

             (Click on the restaurant names to be directed to their websites)


                                            Incredible creation from Mision 19


                            Elevation Burger from, who else, Elevation Burger


                                    Gorgeous masterpiece from The Red Door


                                            Fantastic Taste from Gabardine


                                              Gruyere Taste from Sycuan Resort


                                                                Soup from Solare


                                                       BBQ from Stone Catering


                                              Incredible Lamb from The Prado



               Build-Your-Own Seasonal Vegetable Pizza from Alchemy


                                 Delish chicken dish from Just Call Us Catering

Many local farms donated tons of fresh goodies as ingredients for the feast, these include Be Wise Ranch, Catalina Seafood, Polito Family Farms, Specialty Produce, Stehly Farms Organic, Suzies Farm, Dragon Organics + Sage Mountain.

Interaction with the chefs + restaurant folk was just as interesting as the dishes:



Other highlights included a beautiful setting, Edible San Diego, and a live band:


In all, it was a wonderful event for an excellent cause. I will definitely be trying out several of the restaurants whose cuisine I sampled in the future!

Pacific Beach: Tuesday Farmers’ Market


Grocery shopping for green goodness in the sunshine, by the beach, as lovely people hand you samples of deliciousness from all sides? It doesn’t get much better than that! Except, it actually does. When you shop at a farmers’ market, you are able to get the freshest organic fruits & veggies from local sources while supporting a sustainable way of life. Why get tangerines and apples that have been grown 8 states over and shipped thousands of miles when you can hit up a Farmers Market to get some that were grown practically in your own backyard?

Yesterday, I got a chance to check out the PB Farmers’ Market and I was impressed with the quality of the goods. This market takes place between Garnet & Bayard St. every Tuesday from 2 to 6:30pm, rain or shine. If your looking for a local spot to get some  eats, check out the sustainable selection at this market.

                               Highlights from the Pacific Beach Farmers’ Market:


                                                               Fresh Wheatgrass


                                      Fresh Baby Carrots, Grown in Oceanside


                                          Selection of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


                                                             Bunch of Radishes


                                                Strawberries, Grown in Fallbrook


                                                                     Flowers Galore


                                           Selection of  Sprouts from Suzie’s Farm


                                                                   Cute Little Cacti

 There was so much good stuff that it was a bit hard to narrow down exactly what I wanted to take home with me! However (after much browsing) I was finally able to figure out what will end up on my table. Here are my finals food picks:


              Tangerines                        Baby Broccoli                               Baby Carrots


         Strawberries                   Country French Bread                      Spinach


  Muffin & Macaroons                   Brownie Bites             Orange Scone & Croissants

While I was at the PB Farmers’ Market, I was able to pick up a new copy of Edible San Diego (a unique & incredible magazine highlighting San Diego farmers and restaurants using locally grown produce). If you want to learn more about local & sustainable food, I highly recommend Edible San Diego as a source! Click here to visit them online.

To find out more information about the Tuesday Farmers’ Market in Pacific Beach and get a full list of vendors, visit the website by clicking here.

Cupcakes at Cups La Jolla

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a delicious cupcake! Freshly baked and organic? Even better! Cups La Jolla is a premier spot for getting my cupcake fix, since they use only the best local, sustainable and organic ingredients to bake top notch cupcakes daily. Here’s a visual taste of what they have to offer:


Some of the best cupcake flavors featured at this spot include: Vanilla Vixen, Death by Chocolate, Velours Rouge, Limone Ricotta, Health Nut and Goober. There are plenty of health options, from gluten free and vegan to utterly dairy free, and they all taste amazing! I highly reccomend the hot chocolate (pictured above) or the strawberry milk to accompany your chosen sweet bites.

Note that Cups La Jolla also offers a variety of hands-on cooking classes ranging from Pickling 101 to Easter Cookie Decorating and Passover Meal classes. Click here to view the complete schedule for  up-coming classes.

Sweet Tip: Happy Hour is from 9-11am (20% off coffee drinks) and from 5 -7pm (20% of all cupakes).

Cups La Jolla is located at 7857 Girard Avenue. Click here to visit the website.