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CrossFit + Paleo in San Diego

To get in shape this spring in San Diego, I’m trying something a little different: CrossFit, a constantly varied and high intensity strength & conditioning program & Paleo, a modern nutritional plan based on an ancient diet!

My gym of choice? CrossFit PB.

So far, I’ve been LOVING the workouts, check them out HERE.

Also, it appears that I joined just in time, because I was able to sign up for the 5-Week Fitness Challenge, a competition where you get your weight & body fat measured (along with pics) and do a timed workout at the beginning and end of the challenge to track your progress.

A big part of the fitness challenge is an all paleo diet aka the caveman, stone-age or primal diet.

So, what does this consist of?

Meats & Veggies

Nuts & Seeds

 Some Fruit

Little Starch 

No Sugar

Here are some awesome paleo meals I’ve enjoyed lately:












In the mood for something more?

Here’s the scoop on San Diego Paleo Treats:

(click title for websites)

Not So Fast Food Truck:

delicious burgers & more, click here for schedule.

Perfect Food Bars aka ‘My New Obsession’:

perfect food bars san diego

A local San Diego product, found at Sprouts & Whole Foods.

Paleo Treats:

Try the Brownie Bite & Cacao Now!

That’s It Bars:

that's it bars

These treaty bars can be found at Sprouts & the only ingredient is fruit! 

Julian Bakery (in La Jolla):


My, oh my, try the macaroons! Also: paleo bread, wraps, & even muffins!

So, folks, that about sums up my summer get-fit plan!

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Lucky’s Lunch Counter in East Village

Lucky's Lunch Counter, San Diego, East Village

If you’re looking for a casual spot to grab a quick lunch near downtown San Diego, then Lucky’s Lunch Counter is a great bet! They serve fast, freshdelicious, Chicago-style fare and even breakfast all day. Not to mention, this is the IT spot during baseball season due to it’s proximity to the ballpark in East Village.

Check out some of the eats:Lucky's Lunch Counter, San Diego, East Village

Lucky's Lunch Counter, San Diego, East Village

Lucky's Lunch Counter, San Diego, East Village

So, when you’re downtown San Diego and in the mood for your ballpark favorites, you know where to find the good stuff!

Check out Lucky’s Lunch Counter online: click here.

Address: 338 7th Ave, San Diego 92101

Menu Tip: If you’re not sure what to order, know that San Diego Magazine voted  Lucky’s the “Best Reuben in Town”.

Leaping Lotus in Cedros Design District, Solana Beach


Let me start off by saying that I LOVE the Cedros Design District of Solana Beach. There are tons of cute & utterly unique shops and even some amazing spots to dine! If you are looking for a fun way to spend the day, I highly encourage you to check out this fun community. One of my favorite places on Cedros is Leaping Lotus, a unique 21,000 sq. ft. space featuring 115 shops all under one roof.  From gift items & jewelry to clothing, accessories furniture and garden items, there is something of interest for all at this one-of-a-kind locale.

                              Check out some of the sweet finds at Leaping Lotus:





      With Christmas soon upon us, this shop is a great spot to find gifts for all!

                Address: 240 South Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, CA 92075


San Diego Summer Days

This summer has been a hot one, and I almost can’t believe October is already upon us (not complaining since it’s actually one of my favorite months). However, let’s get back to the heat; did you know that so far, this year has been the hottest in all of history and also the 3rd hottest summer ever recorded? If you live in San Diego, this may not be that surprising since we have DEFINITELY been feeling the heat! For me, summertime sunshine meant a lot of swimming in the ocean, languidly relaxing on the beach, and fresh fruit galore.

Take a peek at some of my gorgeous photos (from a camera-phone mind you, since I try not to bring the Canon on many adventures) from summertime 2012:



























However, as much as I love the hot weather, I am just about ready for a change in the season: chunky knits, my favorite holidays, time with loved ones, and perhaps some HOT tea instead of the iced tea I’ve been living on. What about you, my dear readers, are you (like me) also quite ready for fall and wintertime?

Brunch at the Grant Grill in the US Grant San Diego Hotel

I am always in search of a scrumptious brunch in San Diego, and the experience at the Grant Grill is one of the best that I’ve encountered lately! This elegant restaurant is located within the historic US Grant San Diego Hotel, a national icon since 1910. If you’re interested in learning more about this downtown San Diego landmark, click here to read the complete, rich history of the US Grant.


If, however, you’re just interested in the brunch experience (no shame in the game) then read on! The very first thing you notice when you step foot inside this stunning hotel is the….air conditioning! While this may seem like a given, this summer has been one of the hottest in many years in San Diego, and many restaurants simply aren’t equipped to deal with these kind of Florida-esque temperatures. The Grant Grill, however, is way ahead of the curve and delightfully cooling. Another plus? While many restaurants are cramped on the weekends, the Grant Grill offers an alternative: a spacious and non-hectic dining experience.






From the marble floors in the lobby to the timeless chandeliers, this place whispers of class and elegance, bringing you back to a time when ladies donned their finest silk and gentlemen were just that; gentlemen. So as you settle into your cream-colored booth, take a minute to enjoy the culture behind the history.


The brunch menu features classic California cuisine, focusing on fresh seafood from the Pacific, sustainable poultry and meats, and delicious herbs and produce.


   Shown Above & Below: Citrus Brioche French Toast, Orange Blossom Honey



      If you’re seeking out a decadent brunch, I highly recommend Grant Grill.

                                                   Address: 326 Broadway, 32101


Tease Boutique: Downtown San Diego


Tease Boutique is a brand new spot, located downtown San Diego, with enough designer duds to make any girl drool! Not only do they carry harder-to-find brands such as Gypsy05, Motel Rocks, Wildfox Couture, House of Harlow 1960, Lauren Moshi, Mink Pink, Paper Crown, & Rebel Yell, but they also have an insanely awesome collection of vintage items (including gorgeous sunglasses).








                                         Shown Below: Vintage Re-worked Tee’s





So as you can see, Tease Boutique has something for every occasion, whether you’re lounging poolside with the girls or hanging out with that special someone!

                                           Address: 435 Island Avenue, 92101

               Check Out the Official Blog for Inspiration Galore: Ihearttease.com

                           + You Can Always Shop Online: teaseboutique.com

Last Minute Tip: Need something ASAP for the weekend? Tease is open until 10pm on  Friday and Saturday nights, so relax, you’ll end up in a great outfit!

Tiki Oasis 2012 in San Diego: Exotic Espionage & Polynesian Pulp


Tiki Oasis is THE largest & longest-running event of it’s kind, and this year was nothing short of spectacular. If you love Tiki culture, you are going to love this post! This 4 day annual event took place from last Thursday til last Sunday and people came from (literally) all over the world to attend this sun-soaked celebration.


One of my favorite parts of Tiki Oasis is always the Artist Alley, where pieces from each years art show are stored. Also, you get the opportunity to chat with the artists themselves. This year, the artists found at Artist Alley included Tom Cooper, NORM Daniels, Dirk Yates, David Lewis, Michael Uhlenkott & Kirby Island.












The hotel at which this event transpired, The Crowne Plaza in Mission Valley, set the perfect backdrop for this Tiki extravaganza! From the gorgeous walkways to to the beautiful waterfall (at which I found a real-life mermaid transformation) the hotel embodies the Tiki culture, making the experience surreal.




Entertainment over the 4 days included mesmerizing performances by: King Kukulele, The Barbwires (here all the way from Sweden!), The Love Me Nots, The Untouchables, The Lampshades, The Exotics, Los Venturas (from Belgium!),  King Paris & His Hypnotic Guitar (origins unknown), The Martini Kings, go-go dancers from San Francisco: The Devil-Ettes, The Tikiyaki Orchestra, Casino Royale, Truus performs from Ritualis, Thee Swank Bastards, dangerous duo: Molotov & Dixie Delish, magician Rob Zabrecky, Cabernet Dance, Creepxotica, Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid, Jason Lee & the R.I.P.tides.


Femme fatales graced the guests with decadent and exuberant performances,  these included: Kitten Deville, Violetta Beretta, Tana the Tattooed Lady, Mimi Le Meaux, Kellita, Bunny Pistol, Coco Lectric, Dottie Deville, Dixie Von Trixie, Meghan Mayhem, Ruby Champagne, Mynx d’Meanor, Ruby Joule, Drea Dillinger, Sid Scenic & Jolie Goodnight.


DJ’s came from all far and near, these included: Lee Joseph, Joe Banks, Switched on Audrey, Strike, Howie Pyro, DJ Xreox, Agent Kari, Domenic Priore, and Tothar.


In addition, there were lots of  Tiki-themed classes and fun, educational topics covered. Some of these included: Yoga Tease with Tana the Tattooed Lady, The Art of Stamping with Artist Eric October, Spy Guitar Lessons with Jason Lee, Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School (check out their sweet San Diego blog here), Pin-Up Hair & Make-Up with Tana the Tattooed Lady and Megan Mayhem, Charles Phoenix Retro Slide Show: Pools, Patios and BBQs, Polynesian Pop in Mid Century San Diego with Bosko, The Burlesque Assasssins First Ever U.S. (Private) Viewing and Tiki Bus Tour of San Diego with Bianca of So Diego Tours.


The outdoor marketplace included LOADS of vendors with glorious wares, some of these included: Hawaiian Lei Bath & Body, My Baby Jo, Mysteries of the South Seas, Tiki King, Zombie Kitten, Fez-O-Rama, Fly Tahiti & Grass Shack Trader.










There were shopping suites set up inside some balcony rooms, including A Pin Up’s Closet and Taboo Island.  Also, there was a huge indoor market set up with vendors including Big Toe Art, Guru Gallery, Sand on my Soul and Mahalo Tiki.







For further information, please visit Tiki Oasis online by simply clicking here.

If you missed it this year, don’t worry! Tiki Oasis will be back again in 2013!

Can’t get enough? Check out Rusty Blazenhoff’s awesome coverage of Tiki Oasis:

Bloom San Diego: The East Village Boutique

Bloom San Diego is a brand-new boutique in East Village, showcasing lots of very cute designs! What makes this boutique special is that they feature several local designers, along with many natural materials and even a “Green Rack Program“.

The Green Rack concept allows you to recycle via consigning your items, with a 50/50 split upon sale. So, if there’s something in your closet that you just don’t wear, from basic H&M stuff to the pricey Chanel items, this store can help you ensure that someone else can enjoy it too! And, if you like vintage, they feature brands including D&G, Tory Burch, and Marc Jacobs. So, come to buy or to sell!


Above & Below: The Green Rack: good for the planet, good for the wallet!

In addition to the Green Rack items, there are many new items to be found inside Bloom San Diego. Much of the clothing is made by alternative designers and local artists and brands include: David Kahn, Chaudry, Mia Brazilia, and Love This Life.



Bloom San Diego believes that “good energy is fashionable” and I fully agree! My favorite items inside the store included the jewelry and all the pretty boutique gift ideas. Also, Becky (the lady working) was very friendly & helpful, good vibes!








                                                     Address: 660 9th Ave,  92101


Cowles Mountain Hike: Mission Trails Regional Park


There’s lots of great places to hike in San Diego, and Cowles Mountain is one of my go-to locations. Not only is it the highest point in all of San Diego, but the hike itself is just the right amount of exercise. This path features a medium incline and a fairly easy terrain. The view from the top? Worth every single step!






                                                              Tips & Tid-Bits:

           This hike is enjoyable for both beginners and experienced hikers.

                 Bring some snacks, for there is a large area to relax at the top.

                          Dog-friendly: as long as your canine is up for the hike!

                                Once up, cross to other side for another overlook.

                                     Great panoramic 360 view of SD from above.

                                             Run on the way back down (if possible).

                                                   Hike is approx 3 miles round trip.

                                                               Bring lots of water.






Pacific Beach Brunch: JRDN at Tower23


If you’re looking to have brunch in Pacific Beach, I know just the spot! JRDN at Tower23 hotel has an unbeatable atmosphere, located right on the coast with a clear ocean view and ultra-modern design. The menu has many tantalizing brunch options, and the food is always great. Another bonus? You can go for a stroll right on the PB beach after brunch (something I personally LOVE to do).



                                                          “Mornin’ Sunshine”


                                 California Grass -Fed Skirt Steak & Eggs:


                                                  Chicken & Biscuits (my favorite):


   Dinnah Tip: The JRDN dinner menu is just as great as the brunch, try it out!

                        JRDN is located inside Tower 23 Hotel in Pacific Beach.

                                    Address: 723 Felspar St. San Diego, CA 92109