CrossFit + Paleo in San Diego

To get in shape this spring in San Diego, I’m trying something a little different: CrossFit, a constantly varied and high intensity strength & conditioning program & Paleo, a modern nutritional plan based on an ancient diet!

My gym of choice? CrossFit PB.

So far, I’ve been LOVING the workouts, check them out HERE.

Also, it appears that I joined just in time, because I was able to sign up for the 5-Week Fitness Challenge, a competition where you get your weight & body fat measured (along with pics) and do a timed workout at the beginning and end of the challenge to track your progress.

A big part of the fitness challenge is an all paleo diet aka the caveman, stone-age or primal diet.

So, what does this consist of?

Meats & Veggies

Nuts & Seeds

 Some Fruit

Little Starch 

No Sugar

Here are some awesome paleo meals I’ve enjoyed lately:












In the mood for something more?

Here’s the scoop on San Diego Paleo Treats:

(click title for websites)

Not So Fast Food Truck:

delicious burgers & more, click here for schedule.

Perfect Food Bars aka ‘My New Obsession’:

perfect food bars san diego

A local San Diego product, found at Sprouts & Whole Foods.

Paleo Treats:

Try the Brownie Bite & Cacao Now!

That’s It Bars:

that's it bars

These treaty bars can be found at Sprouts & the only ingredient is fruit! 

Julian Bakery (in La Jolla):


My, oh my, try the macaroons! Also: paleo bread, wraps, & even muffins!

So, folks, that about sums up my summer get-fit plan!

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