Haunted High Tea: An Eat Your Art Out Event from Dr. Sketchy’s, Benefiting San Diego Visual Arts Network

I had been wanting to try out a Dr. Sketchy’s drawing session for nearly a year now, but the timing was never quite right. This month, however, I checked the website and was thrilled to find out that not only did I have the date open, but  Dr. Sketchy’s was also hosting a special fundraiser taking place the same day: an Eat Your Art Out event, benefiting San Diego Visual Art Network.

The theme, Haunted High Tea, couldn’t have been more perfect for me, since not only am I a huge fan of anything and everything haunted and ghoulish, but I also adore tea and especially all the goodies that come with a proper afternoon tea.


The afternoon tea took place inside Sterlings Mobile Barber Co’s Airstream Trailer and I even got to use one of the barber chairs as my seat for the affair!

{Looking for an incredible cut while on the go? Check out STERLINGS daily locations in San Diego here: http://sterlingsmobile.com/locations/.}


Eat Your Art Out events are known for being an astounding place to meet and mingle with fine artists in a dinner party setting, and the Haunted High Tea was no exception! I shared a table with the lovely Albertine Feurer-Young, an extraordinary photographer who told me of her incredible journeys, from her exploration of the 7 Sacred Pools Waterfalls on the road to Hana in Maui  to an unbelievable and slightly spooky  trip taking place in Deadhorse, Alaska.

Albertine’s photography is all about beauty: whether it be a truly stunning landscape or a beautiful burlesque dancer, she captures the beauty within each moment. View Albertine’s art here: http://www.artofalbertine.com/.

                                                       Yeseniya & Albertine:


3 other incredible artists were at the lunch, the witty Nancy Carp, known for her exquisite Trollita cards with adorable & quirky images; engaging Yeseniya Maybee, whose work is both enchanting and mysterious; and Dr. Sketchy’s  own photographer, the talented Mathew Hohlfeld. Wow, what a group!

                                                  Nancy Carp + Trollita Cards:


In addition to tea and conversation, guests were also served amazing tea time sandwiches and bites, from raspberry wraps and mini quiches to savory sandwiches and caprese salad, everything was delicious and well-prepared!


After everyone had a chance to nourish themselves with the cuisine, each of the guests were able to choose a category to make a prize for, which they would later judge at Dr. Sketchy’s. The artists had set up plenty of supplies, and we had a blast picking award categories & putting together prize idea’s.

                                         The guests working on their awards:





The group then adjourned to The Ruby Room, where we got to meet the dazzling and beyond talented Zoe Tantrum. The guests got a chance to get up onto the stage themselves, and Zoe taught us a bit about posing, proper technique, and keeping still (I certainly have a deeply rooted, new-found respect for art models!)


Not only did Zoe give us tips on posing and  a backstage peek  at the art of modeling, but the guests later got to strike a pose on stage while artists in the audience drew & then view the art and award a prize to their favorite. So much fun!


Once the other artists arrived, Zoe went through several 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute and 20 minute poses, while we all had the pleasure of sketching her.





                                                Ghoulish Outfit Change #1:



                                    Spectacularly Sinister Outfit Change #2:



Throughout the session, everyone had fun participating in other fun contests and we even took a break for sweets (check out the scrumptious cutie-pops!)


                                                             Sketchin’ Away:



In all, I immensely enjoyed myself and would like to include a special thank you to Niki Haritatos and Patricia Frischer for making this event a success!

             Learn More About San Diego Visual Art Network: Click Here.

                                        Dr.Sketchy’s San Diego Online: Click Here.


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