San Diego Summer Days

This summer has been a hot one, and I almost can’t believe October is already upon us (not complaining since it’s actually one of my favorite months). However, let’s get back to the heat; did you know that so far, this year has been the hottest in all of history and also the 3rd hottest summer ever recorded? If you live in San Diego, this may not be that surprising since we have DEFINITELY been feeling the heat! For me, summertime sunshine meant a lot of swimming in the ocean, languidly relaxing on the beach, and fresh fruit galore.

Take a peek at some of my gorgeous photos (from a camera-phone mind you, since I try not to bring the Canon on many adventures) from summertime 2012:



























However, as much as I love the hot weather, I am just about ready for a change in the season: chunky knits, my favorite holidays, time with loved ones, and perhaps some HOT tea instead of the iced tea I’ve been living on. What about you, my dear readers, are you (like me) also quite ready for fall and wintertime?

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